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In the context of fire prevention and fight against forest fires, the use of fire is prohibited around and inside sensitive natural areas (forests, woods, undergrowth, heaths, scrub, savannahs). , maquis, plantations or reforestation) located in the municipality of Païta.
Outside sensitive natural areas, the use of fire is subject to:

No fire can be lit within 20 meters of dwellings
Prior to any ignition of fire, a declaration must be made at the town hall and the center of Incedie and relief no later than 48 hours before the scheduled date.
In 2013, Païta firefighters carried out more than 1,100 interventions (rescue to the victims, fires, accidents on public roads …).

If the intervention of the communal fire brigade is necessary, it will be invoiced to the petitioner (see tariffs ).

If you notice a fire, call 35.45.18 or 18.

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